Avoid the strain of renting a car. Or finding a taxicab and/or a shuttle between Palermo and Agrigento or Trapani. Simply book a private Transfer Tour led by a local Guide Driver. Travel in a spacious modern vehicle. Visit along the way some of the Sicilian most interesting highlights.

Point to Point Transfer Tour
visiting Sicilian High-Spots
of Your Choice

The island is full of archeological wonders. In addition to splendid Baroque cities and also ancient traditions. It has a large variety of excellent wines. Certainly ancient cellars and certainly vineyards. As a result the typical dishes and traditional foods make this destination a special place. Sicily is also the Mediterranean’s largest island. It is placed right at its centre.

Furthermore it is the most richly influenced by those civilizations that have reached its shores. From the Greeks to the Arabs. Certainly all different European dominators. Who at times were also smitten by it that have held the crown. From the Norman and Swabian. To the French and in conclusion the Spaniards.

Private transfer tour. With the possibility to visit along the way Sicilian highlights. Or any other place you’re interested in.

The widely seascapes vary from golden beaches to black volcanic sands. Crystalline waters along shingle shores. Furthermore combined with rock-strewn azure bays. On the other hand impervious cliffs above a cobalt-blue sea. Yet wooded and also mountain landscapes alternate. 

Rolling hills and plains are at the centre of the island. Among lies the open landscape of the large landed estates. Yellow with sun-drenched wheat in summer. Also very green with grasses. And finally red with clover in spring.

Transfer Tour Examples customizable according to your interests and desire

from Palermo to Agrigento or Trapani or Piazza Armerina

Drive to Piazza Armerina. Visit the Imperial Villa del Casale. Probably the finest and most extensive display of mosaics of the late Roman era anywhere in the world. North African art influenced style. Likewise in composition and the choice of colorful polychrome materials. 

Visit the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. It is located on the south coast of Sicily. These are among the greatest Greek ruins in the world. Meanwhile admire the splendor of the temples in the Doric style. They were built during the fifth and sixth centuries BC.

On the north coast it’s possible to stop in Cefalù. Once a typical fishing village. Stroll trough the characteristic streets. Visit also the medieval washhouse. And finally the Norman Cathedral from the 12th Century.

What’s Included

  • Guided tours inside the archeological areas.
  • English speaking local guide driver.
  • Transportation by Top Class Mercedes Minivan.
  • Parking/Highway fees.
  • Pick up/ Drop off at the hotel.

What’s Extra

  • Admission fees in general.
  • Meals & Beverages.