Sicilian Roots

Do You have Sicilian Roots ?

Want to find the places of your Sicilian roots heritage? Further wish to see where you relatives lived and came from? With Mimmo Sicily Tours you can get this opportunity! Discover your Roots in company with a private driver guide. Walk the same streets your great grandfather walked. And finally see the places where your grandmother was born. Visit The Places Of Your Ancestors. Discover the streets your great grandfather walked. See the places where your grandmother was born. On a Sicilian Roots Tour with a local Guide Driver and private transportation.

If your family lived near a scheduled Sicily Tour stop, you may even be able to fit a visit into the tour itself. Experience the old Sicily which you have heard in the wonderful stories about from your grandparents. You must come to the little village of your family. This tour will take you to the places that have shaped the history and culture of your ancestors. Each trip will be planned according to your needs and desires. It is solely up to you how much you want to see. And how often you want to take a break.

Sicilian Roots

Visiting Sicily is Exciting and Enriches the Soul. Discover the traditions and customs of Sicily. Its rarities and uses, in addition to the places of its myths never fail to fascinate. Certainly they enrapture each and every traveler. The central position of the island in the Mediterranean has for centuries made it the ideal place for the integration of Mediterranean culture. Don’t miss the specialities of the Sicilian cuisine which is among the best of Italy.

What’s Included

English speaking local Guide Driver
Comfortable Transport by Top Class Mercedes Minivan
Pick up/Drop off at the Hotel
Parking/Highway Fees

What’s Extra

Admission fees in general
Meals & Beverages

Every Sicilian Roots Tour is Private and Customizable