Private Tour among Wineries & Culinary Experience

Sicily makes fantastic wines from native and international grapes. Wineries produce everything from full-bodied reds to vibrant and mineral-driven whites. Pair them with the fantastic local cuisine, and you understand why this is a wine-lover’s paradise.


Vineyard altitudes range from just about sea level along the coasts to as high as 3600 feet on the slopes of the majestic and solitary Etna. The highest volcano in Europe, nearly 11000 feet high and one of the most famous in the world. The island is renowned for the many outstanding wines. Some of them produced from wineries in this area. Which is famous for a great wine and olive oil production. But also for the volcanic landscape.


Starting from Taormina. In the morning drive to Mt ETNA up till 6500 feet. On the way admire the volcanic landscape and the vineyards growing in the shadow of Mount Etna inside the DOC wine production area. Soak up the atmosphere of the volcano as you walk at the nearby Silvestri Craters. Part of the wine tour at the foot of Mount Etna are two renowned local WINERIES. Which are embedded in a charming and unique context. The variety of excellent wines, cellars and vineyards, olive oil and typical traditional food makes this destination a special place. During the wine tasting sessions you’ll get more familiar with the local grapes from the area.

What’s Included

  • Basic Wine tastings at wineries.
  • English speaking Guide Driver.
  • Private transportation according to itinerary.
  • Parking/Highway fees.
  • Pick up/ Drop off at the hotel.

What’s Included

  • Admission fees in general.
  • Meals & Beverages.

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