Shore Excursion includes Pick up at the Port of PALERMO with Private Transportation

The unmissable sites of Palermo are certainly the astonishing buildings of the Norman kings who conquered Sicily in 1072. For a century they ran Europe’s most sophisticated royal court. A centre for science, art. In addition to commerce. Based on tolerance of all faiths and nationalities. They left behind a fabulous blend of Romanesque architecture. Discover them on a private shore excursion with a Driver Guide.

Furthermore Byzantine mosaics and Arabic domes. Discover the area around the Capital during a Private Shore Excursion. The most popular port trips are the highlights of Cefalù, Segesta, Monreale, Erice. If you are looking for a private Port Trip with Guide Driver starting from Palermo, you have several options visiting charming towns and finally archaeological sites.

Each Shore Excursion is Private and includes:

  • Guided tours inside archeological areas and towns.
  • English speaking local guide/driver.
  • Transportation with Top Class Mercedes Minivan.
  • Parking/Highway fees.

The Perfect Mix for First Time Visitors

Palermo Shore Excursion
Dazzling Mosaics & Classical Heritages

A Piece of Authentic Sicily

Archeological Discover Tour

Shore excursions from Palermo are subject to ship arrival and departure times. And may be adjusted to ensure a safe return to port.

Palermo stands in a green depression extending seawards. Furthermore surrounded by mountains and gardens of citrus fruits. Ancient capital of a kingdom among the most ancient in Europe. The city rose where now the Royal Palace is housed, namely at el-Kassar. The ancient royal palace of the Arab Emires.

Visiting Sicily is Exciting and Enriches the Soul

The central position of the island in the Mediterranean has for centuries made it the ideal place for the integration of Mediterranean culture. Just think of the Carthaginean, Greek and Roman colonizations. When usages and customs of the Siculi, Elimi and of the Sicani blended with those of the peoples who came from beyond the sea. Its traditions and customs never fail to fascinate. Its rarities and uses and the places of its myths enrapture each and every traveler.