This private Shore excursion provides a great overview of Sicily. Giving you also the possibility to enjoy the beautiful west coast of Palermo. Visit Monreale and Segesta as well. Among the greatest sights of Italy.


Relax on a scenic drive through the Sicilian countryside to reach Segesta. You’ll love the location. The well preserved temple and the greek theater were built in the late 5th century BC. A cycle of events and concerts are held at sunset during the summer months. A visit to Segesta has inspired generations of travelers and artists. It is certainly an experience you cannot miss.


Start at 9AM – Drive 1.5h – Visit 1.5h


Starting from Palermo. Heading west following the beautiful Gulf of Castellammare. Drive trough the pleasant wine producing area of “Bianco d’Alcamo” till SEGESTA. Here we’ll visit the heritage of the Greeks in this singular archeological area embedded in a wonderful countryside. Visible are also the remains of an Arabic mosque. In addition to the remains a Norman church and the Forum Romanum.

Start at 9AM – Drive 1.5h – Visit 1.5h
Drive 1.5h – Lunch Break – Visit 1h – Back to Palermo


Find the apotheosis of Norman architecture in Monreale. The Cathedral with its splendid mosaics from the 12th century. It is also part of the World Heritage Arab Norman Period. Built under William II. Certainly it rivals Saint Sophia in Istanbul. And with Saint Mark’s in Venice in its use of decorative mosaics. It is Romanesque in overall style. The cathedral combines aspects of Arab, Byzantine and Norman architecture.

Drive 1.5h – Lunch Break – Visit 1h – Back to Palermo

William II (1154-89), the Norman ruler of Sicily commissioned the Monastery of Monreale. It combines in one project employment of both Sicilian and Byzantine craftsmen. The highlight of the Cathedral is its interior. Incandescent with the gold of the mosaics. These cover the all walls of the nave. further the aisles, transept and apse. 81800 square feet in total.


duration 7 h • from € 125

What’s Included

  • Guided tour inside archeological area in Segesta and Duomo in Monreale
  • Private transport by Top Class Mercedes Minivan
  • Parking/Highway  fees
  • Pick up/ Drop off at your hotel

What’s Extra

  • Admission fees in general
  • Meals

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