Shore Excursions

From Catania

The island is full of archeological wonders. In addition to splendid Baroque cities and ancient traditions. Moreover it has a large variety of excellent wines, ancient cellars and vineyards. Typical dishes, traditional foods and its culture makes this destination certainly a special place. The beautiful island of Sicily is poised between Europe and Africa. Many invaders left their mark in art and architecture. Finally it is also a land of myth and enigma. Pagan below the Catholic surface. On the other hand troubled by the shadow of the Mafia.

World Heritage Site

In PIAZZA ARMERINA visit the Unesco Roman Villa which is among the most luxurious of its kind.

Greek & Baroque Splendors

SYRACUSE, the Greek capital of Sicily contending with Athens, as testified by its theatre and ancient vestiges.

Captivating East Coast

Drive along the amazing black lava coast called also the CYCLOPS RIVIERA and stop for some pictures. Visit the lovely town center in TAORMINA.

Beauty & the Beast

ETNA, the highest volcano in Europe, nearly 11000 feet high and one of the most famous in the world. Enjoy TAORMINA, the pearl of the Ionian Sea.


Visit the extraordinary VALLEY OF TEMPLES of ancient Akragas. It offers an array of incredible well-preserved Ancient Greek structures.

Wine Experience

from €180

Enjoy a day on a ETNA WINE TOUR at renowned wineries. The variety of excellent wines, cellars and vineyards makes this destination a special place.

Sicily has a great central position in the Mediterranean. For centuries this has made it also an ideal place for the integration of Mediterranean culture. Just think of the Carthaginian, Greek and Roman colonizations. When usages and customs of the Siculi, Elimi and of the Sicani blended with those of the peoples who came from beyond the sea. Its traditions and customs never fail to fascinate. Its rarities and uses and the places of its myths enrapture each and every traveler.