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Mimmo’s Guide-Drivers treat every client as an individual. And devise a plan based on your needs. Mimmo’s team also takes pride in providing the finest service to each traveler. Mimmo’s Driver Guides are prompt and friendly in addition to flexibility and attention for details. Mimmo successfully started his business more than 20 years ago. You can get from him certainly all the experience. As a licensed Guide and as a licensed Driver as well. He also provides hassle-free private Day Trips and Shore Excursions all over Sicily.

Change your expectations and you’ll find that every experience is authentic and exciting to itself. Mimmo Sicily Tours will definitely help You to get around. The history, the archeology and culture of Sicily are his passion. Much as the Sicilian food and wine, of course. Most of all he loves to share this passion with his guests. Further learn about local culture with your private Guide-Driver. 

Make sure you don’t miss a thing and experience it all

And finally get great recommendations how to spend the remain of your time. The itineraries offer a mix of culture, history, arts and culinary. The programs try to cover the highlights of each area. Visits include some off the beaten path destinations in wonderful natural settings. Make sure you don’t miss a thing and experience it all together.

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Comfort & Style

Sicily is a large region that requires significant driving. It is also very mountainous and therefore has many winding roads. We have designed itineraries to break up the driving as much as possible. But on some days long drives will be necessary.

Hire a Licensed Guide-Driver

In Italy specific laws apply to transport people as a Guide-Driver. Therefore enjoy special licensed and fully insured Premium Mercedes vehicles at your disposal. Since your safety comes first as well as your comfort. The best way to see Sicily is probably hiring a private Guide Driver. Start from Palermo, Taormina or from Catania.

We offer relaxed itineraries and a large range of activities – all over Sicily

In addition to excursions seeking out intriguing places. Also to off the-beaten-path destinations. With extra comfort and a leisurely pace. You will definitely have time on your own for exploring and relaxing. 

Didn’t Find A Tour That Fits You ?

Please make an inquire. Tours can be fully customized and arranged for small groups as well. Tour around Sicily with a personal Guide-Driver in Sicily. To enhance your experience Mimmo Sicily Tours also offers a wide range of Private Tours and Shore Excursions. Visit the highlights of the island and enjoy the Sicilian food and wine.

Add Quality to Your Vacation

Tour with Mimmo’s fully licensed Driver Guides. So they may enter the attraction to give you guided tours all over Sicily. In other words you’ll never walk alone trough archeological area, towns wondering what is what.

Customizable Experiences

Every traveler has different interests and priorities. It is neither possible nor desirable to include every activity in the itinerary. Hence the optional activities will be arranged according to your interests and schedule.

Driving on the main roads is very manageable. Although the larger cities and small towns can be daunting. Therefore hire an expert private Guide Driver. For your private tours or transfers in order to take you through the Sicilian destinations. Further experience Sicily’s highlights and famous spots as your own Guide Driver takes you from place to place. Finally you may add a touch of luxury to your tour experience and hire a private Driver Guide in Sicily. Book a private customizable private tour. It will give you the possibility to visit along the way the best Sicilian highlights. Or any other place you’re interested in.

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