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Whether you are an independent traveler or a tour organizer scheduling a private tour in Sicily with a Driver Guide then there’s no need to look further. Enjoy private customized sightseeing tours with a reliable Guide Driver in addition to an excellent service. Book a customizable private Sicily tour. However, it will give you the possibility to visit along the way the best Sicilian highlights. Or any other place you’re interested in.

Sicily is a deceivingly large island. Trains and buses take a long while to get from one city to the other. And while self-drive is certainly catchy, learning to drive like a local is not necessarily the most relaxing way to spend your holiday. Therefore the best way to travel is on one of our private customizable tours.

Planning a Trip to Sicily?

Private tours of Sicily with a Guide and Driver are surely the best you can opt. All private tours may be customized and arranged in agreement to your schedule. Above all exclusive experiences tailored to your individual needs and interests. Hence level of energy and travel preferences. Obviously You may plan your vacation with us or just one trip between cities. However, our Guide Driver Sicliy Tours start in Palermo, Catania or elsewhere and are the perfect blend of expertise combined with reliability.

Add On Luxury To

Your Journey

Sicily is a large region that requires also significant driving. Therefore enjoy special licensed and fully insured Luxury Mercedes vehicles at your disposal. Since your safety comes first as well as your comfort.

First Hand Expertise

Your Private Guide and Driver will consequently help You to get around. You’ll definitely love to have infos from first hand. Because traveling in new places may sometimes be intimidating. Especially if you are novice of the country. The stress doubles when you are commuting in a place you don’t know. Therefore, consider a private Sicily tour with our Driver Guides for a safe and interesting journey. Sicily has something of a murky reputation, but the reality is very different. The island is just as tourist-friendly as anywhere else in Italy with warm and hospitable locals.

Enjoy Sicily

With Mimmo’s Private Sicily Tours you’ll get instant access to a local private expert. Finally find out about the culture and local cuisine. Get your private guide and driver tour and a crash course in whatever subject you’re interested in. Hence learn about the History, Architecture, Food and more. In other words, our job is to know the answers to your questions. In addition to the things you probably never thought to ask in the first place. Make sure to sample Arab-influenced couscous, full flavored pasta, delicate pastries or fine meats and cheeses, granita, arancini, and some of the best gelato of Italy.

Create Your

Travel Memories

Explore Sicily with a private Driver Guide. It’ll be like spending time with a new friend. A great way to feel comfortable in a new place.

Authentic Local Flavor

Create itineraries according to your interest and schedule. Also choose the attractions and destinations that appeal to you the most. Or simply let Your Private Driver take you around on a private Sicily tour. Surely visiting a new place is always an exciting experience. So you probably do not want to miss a thing. And if You expect great wine and great food, Sicily certainly does not disappoint.

More Value to Your

Travel Experience

See and acquire more in a few hours rather than you would while exploring on your own. The history, archeology and culture of Sicily are our passion.

Best of Sicily Tours

Your daily schedule based on your needs. Moreover all Sicily tours with a private Guide Driver are exclusive and personalized. To get your package customized, for instance, select the destination you prefer. Hence make an inquire. Mimmo Sicily Tours will take you around the best places. And make you acquaint with their local history, culture, while giving you important facts.

Private Day Trips

Our private Driver Guide Tours in Sicily are probably among the best choice if your aim is to find a service that can provide also a unique experience. Further all Sicily private tours come with a professional Guide Driver behind the wheel. Not only Mimmo Sicily Tours provides excellent service, but also customizable tours all over Sicily.

Best Sicily

Exploring Sicily with a local guide driver is also essential for a full experience. Perfect for people not interesting joining a tour in any sense, but for instance also not comfortable driving themselves.

Most of all we know You expect a certain level of service. Your own expert driver in Sicily will make your travel another special experience, hassle-free and enriching.

The knowledge of the territory and also its natural beauties. The artistic and cultural treasures of the island will be equally at your disposal.

Because when it comes to your holidays You expect quality combined with a dependable service. In addition to the best value for Your expectations.

Best Sicily

Discover Sicily’s archeological wonders. Splendid Baroque cities and ancient traditions on private trips starting from your hotel. Certainly it has a large variety of excellent wines. In addition to ancient cellars and vineyards. Furthermore the typical dishes and the traditional foods. All together combined with its culture makes this destination a special place. Prefer a private driver escorting you around the island in addition to private expert guides accompanying for sightseeing.