Planning a Trip to Sicily ?

Whether you are an independent traveller or a tour organizer scheduling a private trip in Sicily with a Driver Guide then there’s no need to look further. Enjoy customized sightseeing tours with a reliable Guide Driver in addition to an excellent service.

Exploring Sicily With a Sicilian Guide Driver is Essential for a Full Experience

You’ll love to have tourist and travel infos from first hand. The knowledge of the territory and its natural beauties. The artistic and cultural treasures of the island at your disposal. Expect quality combined with a dependable service especially when it comes to your holidays. 

How Can I Help ?

Private tours with a Guide Driver is the best you can opt for a trip to Sicily. All tours we offer in Sicily may be customized and arranged in agreement to your schedule. Adjust the tours you prefer according to your personal interests and needs. Hence level of energy and travel preferences.

Customizable Private Tours

with an Authentic Local Flavor

Create itineraries according to your interest and schedule. Choose the attractions and destinations that appeal to you the most. Or simply let Your Guide Driver in Sicily take you around. Visiting a new place is always an exciting experience. So you do not want to miss a thing

Private Day Tours

Starting From Your Hotel

Mimmo Driver Guide Tours is probably among the best choice if your aim is to find a service that can provide a unique experience. Finally all private tours come with a Professional Guide Driver behind the wheel. Mimmo has been a licensed Guide Driver since 1999. He provides private trips and shore excursions all over Sicily. The history, archeology and culture of his country are his passion. Especially when it comes to good food and wine. As a result he loves to share this passion with his guests.

Private Shore Excursions

from Your port of Call

Your Private Driver Guide Tours provides also Exclusive Shore Excursions from the main ports of Sicily to your favorite places. Because Mimmo knows his way around in Sicily. Hence taking you to your destination in a timely manner. In addition to a continuous guidance throughout the journey.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss

The Incredible Food of Sicily

The tours are designed to view the most beautiful places in Sicily. Enabling the travelers even more to connect with its rich history. Also experience the local culture, arts and cuisine. Sicilian olive oil in addition to typical dishes and traditional foods makes this destination a special place.

Add More Quality To Your Travel Experience

Mimmo Sicily Tours uses comfortable cars or minivans, which may access historical centers. So you are right where you want to be.

A Private Guide Driver to

Discover the Best of Sicily

With Mimmo Sicily Tours you’ll get instant access to a local expert. Get a crash course in whatever subject you’re interested in. Hence learn about the History, Architecture, Food and more. Mimmo’s job is to know the answers to your questions. In addition to the things you probably never thought to ask in the first place. Your daily schedule based on your needs.

Choose a Private Tour

Travel At Your Own Pace

All Guide Driver tours in Sicily are exclusive and personalized. Most of all created for travelers who expect a high level of service. To get your package customized, select the destination you prefer. Hence make an inquire. Mimmo Sicily Tours will take you around the best places. And make you acquaint with their local history, culture, while giving you important facts. Your own expert guide driver will make your travel another special experience, hassle-free and enriching.

Learn More on Your Trip

It’ll be like spending time with a new friend. A great way to feel comfortable. Your Private Guide Driver will help You to get around in Sicily. Learn about the local culture. Therefore see and acquire more in a few hours rather than you would while exploring on your own.

Feel at Home in Sicily

Traveling in new places may sometimes be intimidating. Especially if you are novice of the country. The stress doubles when you are commuting in a place you don’t know. Therefore, consider a private Sicily tour with a Driver Guide for a safe and interesting journey.

Add a Bit of Luxury to Your Journey

Guide Driver Tours offered by Mimmo are the perfect blend of expertise combined with reliability

Best of West Sicily

Visit the capital of Sicily plus Monreale, Erice, Segesta with a Private Driver Guide Tour. You can’t miss Selinunte, Cefalù, Agrigento, Marsala and even more. Mimmo Guide Drivers will devote also time and effort to making sure you’re happy with your travel options.

Enchanting East Coast

Start from the fascinating town Taormina or Catania. Furthermore discover Syracuse, Noto, Mt. Etna, and also the Godfather Movie Locations, Ragusa, Modica and more. Sicily is full of archaeological wonders. Splendid Baroque towns and ancient traditions. It has a large variety of excellent wines, ancient cellars and certainly vineyards. Fertile ground partly born from the rage of molten magma and caressed by tropical air. It has also been sought after by more civilizations than most of history can recall.

Start A Tour Whenever You Like

Mimmo will help you to plan ahead to make sure you have time to see and do it all