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Enjoy a Best Sicily Tour starting from Palermo, Taormina or Catania with a private Guide Driver.

Private Sicily tours with a Guide Driver are probably the best you can opt for a trip to Sicily. Every best tour may be customized and arranged in agreement to your schedule. Travel from west to east and also from north to south. Further visit the highlights and culture of the island. Finally the delicious cuisine and first-class wines.

The beautiful island of Sicily is poised between Europe and Africa. It has also seen many invaders. Nearly all of whom have left their mark in art in addition to a unique architecture. Including some of the world’s best-preserved Ancient Greek ruins. Certainly it is also a land of myth and enigma. Pagan below the Catholic surface. Furthermore troubled by the shadow of the Mafia. Pestilence, earthquakes, wars, insurrections and volcanic eruptions have played important parts in its dramatic history.

Day 1

Arrive at Palermo Airport

Transfer to Your hotel in Palermo

Day 1
Day 2

Walking Tour

Palermo – Visit also the Arab Norman heritage of the capital. During a 3 hour guided Walking Tour. Great overview and orientation of the city. The capital of a kingdom among the most ancient in Europe. Wander the narrow medieval streets of Palermo, where you’ll get a flavor for local life. Afternoon free. Night in Palermo.

Day 2
Day 3

West Coast Tour

Visit the medieval town Erice with stunning views and amazing locations, plus great photo opportunities. Continue to the archeological area in Segesta. The well-preserved temple and the Greek theater were built in the late 5th century BC.Night in Palermo.

Day 3
Day 4

Monreale & Selinunte

Depart for Monreale. The Cathedral here is surely the apotheosis of Norman architecture in Sicily. Next visit the archeological area in Selinunte. This archaeological site ranks among the oldest and most important ruins in Sicily. Taste local Olives and also Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) at a local Producer. Night in Agrigento.

Day 4
Day 5

Greek Heritage & Boutique Winery

Start the day with the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. It offers an array of incredible well-preserved Ancient Greek structures. Continue to a local Boutique Winery which is embedded in a charming and unique context. During the light lunch you’ll get more familiar with the local grapes from the area and some typical products. Night in Agrigento.

Day 5
Day 6

The Roman Villa in Piazza Armerina

Drive to Piazza Armerina to visit the famous Roman Villa. It is among the most luxurious of its kind, giving an interesting insight into Roman life at the time. It is especially noteworthy for the richness and the excellent quality of the mosaics which decorate almost every room. It has probably the most extensive and spectacular mosaics of the late Roman era anywhere in the world. Night in Ragusa.

Day 6
Day 7

Ancient & Baroque Splendors

This morning visit the baroque town Noto. It represents a southern twist on this impressive scenic style. In the afternoon drive to Siracusa for the archeological area (Neapolis) and Ortygia. The Greek capital of Sicily contending with Athens, as testified by its theatre and ancient vestiges. Night in Siracusa.

Day 7
Day 8

Transfer to Taormina

En route stop for photo opportunities along the amazing black lava coast of Aci Trezza with the famous Cyclops Rocks. Continue to Castelmola, a delightful Hamlet, perched on a rock above Taormina, with great panoramic view over the east coast. Night in Taormina.

Day 8
Day 9

Beauty & the Beast

Drive up till 6500 feet on Mount Etna. The biggest and most active volcano of Europe and one of the most famous in the world. Enjoy a walk at the nearby Silvestri Craters or simply soak up the atmosphere of the Volcano. Depending on the weather, possibility to reach 9500 feet by cable car (Optional). Drive to the small village Savoca, a delightful place built on two hills and with remnants of a castle. Stop for a lemon Granita at the famous corner bar Vitelli. There are also incredible views along the coastline from the belvedere. Night in Taormina.

Day 9
Day 10


Depart for Cefalù charming former fisherman’s village with its ancient seaside houses. Take a stroll through the characteristic streets and the picturesque seafront promenade. This lovely area is part of the regional park of the Madonie. Night in Palermo.

Day 10
Day 11

Departure from Palermo Airport

Private transfer from your hotel to the airport

Day 11
Customizable Private Tour
Food & Wine
Photo Opportunities
Guided Tours inside Archeological Areas and Towns
English-speaking Driver Guide
Private Transport by Premium Mercedes vehicle
Pick up/Drop off at the Hotels
Boutique Winery
EVOO Experience
Parking/Highway Fees
Transfers from/to Airports
Admission fees
Meals & Beverages

The largest island in the Mediterranean is also one of the most culturally and geographically diverse regions of Italy. Further the island’s giddying sequence of conquering kingdoms left behind enthralling architectural remnants. Sicily’s eclectic history, including Greek, Arab, Norman, Spanish, and English influences. It is represented in its unique cuisine and fascinating variety of architecture. And a lovely scenery plus great food.

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Sicily’s eclectic history is represented in its fascinating variety of architecture and in its unique cuisine and great food.

Furthermore you can find testimony of all the great seasons of European art and culture. From the classic to the renaissance, further baroque and liberty. But in which also nature from one place to another changes its features completely. Sicily passed through the reigns of Anjou and Aragon in which the powerful feudal families built their royal strongholds. It survived the Spanish and Bourbon viceroyalties and arrived almost intact into the 19th century.

Discover on a best of Sicily tour the island’s giddying sequence of conquering kingdoms left behind enthralling architectural remnants.

Furthermore Sicily’s culture has been richly shaped by adversity. Pestilence, earthquakes, wars, also insurrections. And volcanic eruptions have played important parts in its dramatic history. Moreover the island’s giddying sequence of conquering kingdoms left behind enthralling architectural remnants. Including some of the world’s best-preserved Ancient Greek ruins. Sicily boasts a huge variety of excellent wines In addition to superb traditional dishes.

Sicily is also located in the heart of the Mediterranean. At the intersection of civilization’s greatest cardinal points. Nonetheless its vulnerable, beautiful coastline is a permeable membrane. It has also enabled the passage of people and ideas for millennia. As those foreign influences accumulated, they also created the base of the ever-fluid Sicilian identity. One both hospitable and protective of regional character. They are also among the Mediterranean’s most prolific farmers with grapevines planted across the island. 

Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island. It is certainly among the most richly influenced by those civilizations that have reached its shores. From the Greeks to the Arabs and all those European dominators. Who at times were also smitten by it. They all have held the crown, from the Norman and Swabian to the French and finally the Spanish. Therefore experience Sicily’s highlights and selected sightseeing stops as your own Driver Guide takes you from place to place. 

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