Private Day Trips

From Catania

Customizable itineraries from Catania to travel at your own pace. Discover Sicily’s archeological wonders. Splendid Baroque cities and ancient traditions on these best private travel trips starting from your hotel. Certainly it has a large variety of excellent wines. In addition to ancient cellars and vineyards. Furthermore the typical dishes and the traditional foods. All together combined with its culture makes this destination a special place.

Day Trips From Catania Include

Driver Escort


Private Transport

by Premium Mercedes Vehicle


at the Hotel

Parking Fees

and Highway Tolls

Local Guides

where required

In PIAZZA ARMERINA visit the Unesco Roman Villa, which is among the most luxurious of its kind. CALTAGIRONE a baroque town and the capital of ceramic production in Sicily.

SYRACUSE, the Greek capital of Sicily contending with Athens, as testified by its theatre and ancient vestiges. The baroque town NOTO represents a southern twist on this impressive scenic style.

Start the day by visiting the Baroque center in CATANIA. Continue en route along the amazing black lava coast of Acitrezza with the famous CYCLOPS COAST. Visit the lovely town center in TAORMINA.

ETNA, the highest volcano in Europe, nearly 11000 feet high and one of the most famous in the world. Enjoy TAORMINA the pearl of the Ionian Sea. Visit this lovely town including the Greek Theater.

Visit the extraordinary VALLEY OF TEMPLES of ancient Akragas. It offers an array of incredible well-preserved Ancient Greek structures.

Part of the ETNA WINE TOUR are renowned wineries. The variety of excellent wines and vineyards makes this destination a special place.

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All tours from Catania are private and fully customizable.

We offer relaxed travel itineraries, a range of activities and excursions seeking out intriguing and off the-beaten-path travel destinations with extra comfort and a leisurely pace. You will always have time on your own during day trips for shopping, exploring and relaxing. Sicily is a large region that requires significant driving. It is also very mountainous and, as a result, has many winding roads. We have designed the itinerary to break up the driving as much as possible. But on some days long drives will be necessary. Our itineraries offer the best in a mix of culture, history, arts and culinary. We try to cover the highlight of the area we visit with some off the beaten path destinations in wonderful natural settings.